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Tutorial Service:

The Jane Norman College has an established tutorial program designed to help students achieve academic success.  Students experiencing academic concerns of any kind should contact Sandra Muir, Assessment Coordinator, who will give them more detailed information about our tutorial program.

Laboratory Settings:

Students have the opportunity to observe and participate in two early learning environments which are housed in the College’s Lorne Street facility.  These two centers ensure that, as well as having classroom instruction and field placements, our students have practical on-site interactions with children in a laboratory setting.

The Dr. Jane Norman Child Study Centre, a non-profit centre, offers a full day child care program for children ages 2-5 years.  The centre is an inclusive environment and, therefore, encourages and supports the integration of children with a variety of special needs.  It also provides training experiences for students of the College as well as other students within the community.

The  Colchester  Community Day Care Center is a non-profit, independent, board-run center which offers full day programming for preschool children as well as after school programming.  Although the day care is an independent facility, the day care and the College enjoy a cooperative educational affiliation.

Students in the special education program have the opportunity to participate in the Colchester East Hants Early Intervention program offered to families of young children with a variety of special needs.  An early interventionist works with parents to help them cultivate skills necessary to help their individualized program of stimulation that recommends specific play strategies and activities that will benefit the child.  Parents are a very important part of this program and are encouraged to participate in the weekly home visit sessions, as well as, follow through with similar programming throughout the week.

Russell Resource Library - Truro:

The Russell Resource Library has approximately 12,000  titles of books and videos available.  Our collection consists of  Early Childhood, Youth Studies and Special Education.  The library also has a large collection of multicultural and juvenile literature.  The library subscribes to approximately 20 periodicals.

A work area is available with access to computers, internet and various media equipment.  Wireless internet is also available.  A quiet study area can be arranged upon request.

Library Staff
Denise MacKinnon         Library Coordinator  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nancy Roby-Cassidy      Library Assistant

Library Hours
Hours are subject to change and will be posted in Student lounge and Library.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
September 7 -  April 30

Monday -Thursday:      8:30am - 4:00pm

The Library will be closed on  all holidays and from December 19th  -January 2nd
Please call the Jane Norman College for Library Hours after April 30th , or email: info@janenorman.ca  Phone 893-3342

Library Services
Photocopier                  .20 per copy or .30 Back to back sheets 8 ½ x 11
Laminating                 1.00 per 8 ½ x 11 sheet
Coils                           .25 per coil
Computer Printing         .20 per page 8 ½ x 11
Overhead Sheets          .50 per sheet (includes copy)

USB Flash drives        10.00

Students may set up an account at the library to charge their service fees.  This account must be paid by the end of the term.  Marks will not be handed/sent out if a student still has a balance owing at the library.

The following equipment is available upon request:
laminating machine, book binding machine, hole punch, TV/VCR or DVD player may be used for viewing our video resources upon approval of the library staff.

The library has a number of computers for patrons’ use.  All computers have a word processor, an internet connection and the library catalog on them.
You may book a time slot for the use of the computer if you need a specific time. If you plan to transfer data from one computer to another, or print something off from email or a USB drive, you should check with the library staff to make sure the data can be transferred.
Please ask for assistance if you have any questions or problems using the computers.

You must save your work on a USB,  as the computers do not save once they are shut off 

 You must have your own e-mail account  to send mail from our computers

Study Area
A  quiet room will be available  in the library, if needed. Work tables will also be provided.

Most library materials may be borrowed for a three week period.  However, the following items may have restricted loans:

1.    Reference material
2.    Periodicals
3.    Videos (only upon instructors approval)

Material with a yellow dot is considered to be Reference Material.
Material with a double yellow dot has a Restricted Loan Period.
Videos may be viewed in the library or a classroom, if a video needs to be taken home, a request will need to be made a day in advance.

Renewing or Requesting Material
If you wish to renew any material, you must return it first and if it is not requested by anyone else you may pick it up at the end of the day or the next morning. If unable to return, please phone the library and renew over the telephone,or talk to library staff  to eliminate overdue charges. You may reserve material or put an item on hold.

Re-shelving of Resource Material
The open shelf system enables a user to browse freely.  Users are requested not to re-shelf materials they have used.  Leave the material on a cart/shelf provided.  The library staff will return material to its proper place.

Overdue Material   
1.    Material on regular loan is $ .10 per day per item.
2.    Material on restricted loan is $ 1.00 per day per item.
3.    Patrons are responsible for material lost or damaged.  The replacement cost of such material will be available at the library.
Marks and diplomas are withheld from students who have not cleared outstanding accounts or have not returned signed out material.

Patrons may have their borrowing privileges suspended if the above library policy is not followed.

Replacement/Damage Cost
The amount stated below is an estimated cost .  If the item being replaced is still available for purchase, it will be the item cost + tax + shipping and handling fee.
Adult Hard cover          40.00 + overdue fines
Adult Softcover            25.00 +overdue fines
Children’s Hardcover     25.00 + overdue fines
Children’s Softcover      15.00 + overdue fines

Locating Resources
Our library catalog is Web based and it is under Library World. The majority of the material in the library can be located by using the computer catalog. Please ask for assistance if you cannot locate something or need help. A session on how to use our Library Catalog can be arranged upon request.

 Click on link below  and enter library name: Russell Resource and no password is required

Libraryworld  Russell  Resource OPAC
Link to Library Catalog

Resource Material
Resources are classified on the shelves by the Dewy Decimal Numbering System. Our library consists of an adult section, reference section, and a children's section. A library catalog is an enormous bibliography and it lists all of the resources in the library. Each resource is, therefore, assigned a specific CALL NUMBER, which will be found on the spine of a book, video, etc...and on all catalog entries for that resource.

Call Numbers
The first part of a call number is the classification number such as the Dewy number. Next are the first three letters of the author’s last name, and then the publication date and last the copy number.  For a book on preschool education with author John Smith, published in 1986, the Call Number would be 372 Smi 1986.

All FICTION material is classified with the letters “FIC” instead of a Dewy number.
All CHILDREN’S material is classified with the letter "j" in front of the Dewy number  and FIC 

The Periodicals are in the reference section of the library. All journals have an index in a coil bound book beside the journal or on top of it.  Please ask for assistance in locating journal articles.

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